Our Mission

The Kansas City Council is dedicated to providing the best and most professional trainings and business meetings through the GMTSS so that UnFranchise Owners can focus on building their businesses and achieving success.

The Council

The MA Team Kansas City Council is a strong team of UnFranchise Owners dedicated to serving the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Our Team


David and Stacy Whited, Regional Directors and Advisory Council Members

David and Stacy are Executive Directors ($25,000-$36,000 in 4 weeks). They have over 20 years experience in the UnFranchise Business


Colton and Mikayla Whited, Local Coordinators

Colton and Mikayla are Supervising Coordinators ($7,500-$10,000 in 4 weeks) they are in their 20's and they are passionate about helping others experience the freedom that they experience with the Shopping Annuity

Branon and Erin McMichael, UBP Coordinators

Branon and Erin are Executive Coordinators with Shop•com. They are a couple of excellence and everything they do is better because they are apart of it. Branon is a professor in Chiropractic School and Erin is a Massage Therapist.


Jamie and Stephanie Howell, Physical Team Chair

Jamie and Stephanie are Executive Coordinators and bring many years of teaching and coaching experience to the Physical Team along with a ton of fun and if you are lucky then you might get to taste their Mochatonix Balls.


Kelly and Cindy Hill, Speaker Chairs

Kelly and Cindy Hill are Executive Coordinators. They are the best realtors in the Greater Kansas City area and they bring over the same level of attention to detail and hospitality to the Speaker Chair role.

George Weaver - Administration Chair/Treasurer

George Weaver is an Executive Coordinator with Shop•com. He is an INTEGRAL part of the Kansas City Council as he brings organization and quality not only to our registration systems and ticket sales but also to all the finances for the Kansas City Locals.